IMPACT REPORT 2017: Community & Collaborations


Letter From Elianna

Recently Chef Michelle from Nana Joes told me a story about how building a small business or nonprofit is like planting an orchard.  First, you find the land that needs trees, plant the trees, nourish them as they grow, and then produce the fruit you share with the community.  This summer we were able to give 80% of the campers scholarships, this is a 25% increase compared to last year.  I could not be more proud of all the fruit we gave to our community.

The trees (or campers) are growing strong with lots of smiles and nourishment. This year I vividly recall the sounds of the campers cheering (perhaps a bit too loudly for my adult ears) as they finished up lunchtime together “Get your elbows off the table-this is not a horse’s stable but a decent dining table” then repeated rounds of  everyone singing “round the table you must go, you must go, you must go.” Creating a safe fun space in which  children can  learn and grow during the Summer is no small feat. Together with with the power of our collaborative community camp was a huge success, and the orchid grew strong. 


Thank you to the Bay Leaf Kitchen community.  I am honored to have worked with a very dedicated team of Bay Leaf Kitchen staff, volunteers, guest chefs, and farmers this year and appreciate you for your commitment to youth, your generosity with your time and for your friendship.  A special thank you to our board members for teaching me and giving me the tools to serve our students, lead our organization and effect change in our community.


Elianna Friedman


Bay Leaf Kitchen empowers children and families with the ability to feed themselves seasonal, nourishing food through an immersive culinary curriculum to build a resilient, diverse community in the soil and around the table.



At Bay Leaf Kitchen, worthwhile learning happens in the soil, in the kitchen, and on the plate. We facilitate spaces that incorporate play, encourage confidence, and uncover creativity and independence. Bay Leaf Kitchen develops practical skills from farm to kitchen and beyond.


Seasonal, nourishing food fosters a healthy lifestyle, preserves the environment, and strengthens local communities. By providing access to seasonal, nourishing food, Bay Leaf Kitchen empowers children with the ability to feed themselves; with the capacity to cook comes the opportunity to choose how to eat.


Bay Leaf Kitchen builds community around the table with farmers, chefs, children, and families. By bringing people together over a shared meal, we create educational experiences and opportunity. We invest in the continued success of each child and develop tailored programming to create a more inclusive community.


 Bay Leaf Kitchen actively reaches and supports diverse populations within our communities. We believe every child deserves access, acknowledgment, and support. We welcome students from varied backgrounds and experiences to provide unique opportunities for engagement and continued learning.


Bay Leaf Kitchen’s growth in 2017 was successful through community partnerships and intentionally moving resources to be more accessible to youth and their families.  Together with our new kitchen partners, Fine and Rare & Bayview Senior Center, Jr. Chefs cooked in commercial kitchens with professional equipment.  We also brought our entire team for a special week with youth in Hunters Point at City of Dreams’ beautiful urban garden.  Through Eatwell Farms’ openness and generosity we were able to visit the farm six times this summer for overnight trips with the campers.

2017 by the Numbers

148 campers - 80 % of Whom were on Scholarship

6 sessions of camp

138 HOURS of Volunteer guest chef CLasses

19 counselors in training

40% increase in Teen Camp Participants

215 recipes made 

3,570 Meals Enjoyed together



This year at Bay Leaf Kitchen I learned...

“To be creative, helpful, and mindful.”  
“Common sense for the outdoors.”  
“How to make avocado sushi hand rolls.”
“How to make some food that is vegetarian and delicious which is great because I have a friend who is sort of a vegetarian.”
“The purple carrot lives at Eatwell Farm and runs really fast.”

My favorite part of Bay Leaf Kitchen is...

“All of the farm trips were so fun! I loved going up there and just having time to relax together.”
“At Bay Leaf Kitchen you can be yourself, and there's nothing that you can't do when you put your might and mind to it. Don't change for anyone. Be who you are; its special.”
“Morning farm walks, campfire and S’MORES!”
“You get to make your own kale chips for snack time.”
“Asking the guest chef about their first day in the kitchen, their pets and much more.”
“I fell in love with coming to be a counselor in training everyday just because of the kids that we had. They were so energetic and very different. I loved having them around.”

Next year at Bay Leaf Kitchen I am looking forward to...

“Getting to see Rachel and her butter costume again and also getting more life advice from her.”
“Making some of the recipes that are in my family tradition to bringing them to share at camp.”
“Washing dishes with my friends.”
“Mulberry picking!”
“Filling baskets full of strawberries and grapes.”
“Tasting more new foods,”
Forage Hike Twin Peaks May 6-3.jpg


Dudley and Elaine Andersen
Laura Andersen
Kimberly Beverett
Elise Boivin
Kristina Calvert
Andrew Casteel
Kim Chappell
George Colon
Barrett Cook
Laura Critchfield
Amanda Curran
Aaron Damico
Bella, Jon & Charlie Dishotsky
Rick Dobbs
Chris Ericksen
Lenore Estrada
Austin Fisher
Jennifer Freedman

Jesse Friedman
Ramon Garcia
Astrid Hansen
Stefani Herr
Jason Huffman
Henry Ichinose
Celia Jaber
Maggie Jacobberger
Colin James
Bury Jason
Richard Jones
Jena Joy
Jennifer Keenan
Robin Knight
Ranee Lan
Chris Lane
David and Julie Levine
Michael Logan

Sustaita Mayra
Nick Melle
Megan Miller
Kyle Nadeau
Janice Nicol
Lindsey Pancoska
Vincent Pellegri
Kyle Pittser
Tony Politopoulos
Adriane Powell Suzman
Brooke Rusenko
Christopher Schnese
Gina Schumacher
Paige Scott
Michael Seibel
J.T. Sodergren
Cathy Snow
Amanda Sonenberg

Brandon Stinespring
Sarah Summerall
Mayra Sustaita
Tim Suzman
Diana Swett
Andrew Tanner
Dan Tensfeldt
Nathan Thornburgh
Pablo Tisker
Michele Tusinac
Daniel Veltri
Kyle & Tracy Vogt
Kathryn Wagner
Robby Walker


Lenore Estrada, CEO and Co-Founder of Three Babes Bakeshop
Brooke Rusenko, attorney and Trustee of T.E.C.H. Foundation
Jennifer Freedman, Vice President Real Estate, BlackRock
Alexis Mersel, Content & Marketing Strategist, Freelance
Amanda Sonenberg, Director of Sales, Pure Steeps Beverage
Laura Andersen, Development Officer, UCSF
Maggie Jacobberger, Founder, Smart Cookie Learning


Bayview Senior Center

City of Dreams 

Eatwell Farm 

Fine & Rare 

Mayor Youth Empowerment Employment Program

Presidio Knolls School


Andria Armas, Chef at Large
Ashley Arsenian, The Charter Oak
Cassidy Bennett, Three Babes Bakeshop
Sylvie Charles, Spice Mama
Nathan Clark, Presidio Foods Catering
Mirit Cohen, Adobe
Emily Dellas, First Class Cooking
Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Three Babes Bakeshop
Eric Ehler, Black Sands
Quintin Frye, Tacolicious
Maia Hirschbein, California Olive Ranch
Kristin Houk, All Good Pizza
Lauren Kiino, Red Dog
Maddy Kuhn, Greenleaf
Eddie Lau, Chef at Large
James Liles, Coin-Op
Gaby Maeda, State Bird Provisions
Ezra Malmouth, Crosta Panini Bar
Jen Musty, Batter Bakery
Susanna Ok, The Battery SF
Tu David Phu, An
Rob Ramshur, Almanac Beer Taproom
Jason Rose, Bi-Rite Market
Sony Sarker, Chef at Large
Cat Shimizu, Sour Flour
Raenel Stelly, Chef Rae Cooks


Avi Roffman
Adrienne Graves
Barry Leafman
Brady Knight
David Ochoa
Emily Peckenham
Friend Family
Hill School Bay Area Chapter
Jacob Bindman
Jeff Champion
Laura Andersen
Leah DeVinny
Lily Yuang
Meredyth Leafman
Maggie Jacobberger
Mandy Rojas
Sarah Bindman
Renee Frojo
Samantha Symonds
Sharon Kiichli
Ted Wilson

Corporate Gifts

Bi-Rite Market
Black Rock
Nana Joes Granola
New Belgium
Laughing Monk


Natalia Nikalayev
Jane Lee
Jane Fountain
Diva Deloayza

Donated Good & Services

Adam Allegro Photography
Adrienne Graves
Alexis Mersel
Almanac Beer Company
Andrew Freeman & Co.
Batter Bakery
Bay Laurel Restaurant Group
Bernal Cutlery
Bi-Rite Family Businesses
Celtic Sea Salt
Country Smooth Whiskey
Cowgirl Creamery
Dandelion Chocolate
Devil's Gulch Ranch
Eatwell Farm
ENZO Olive Oil
Fat Gold Olive Oil
Fine and Rare
First Class Cooking
Graphic Phantom
Ichi Sushi
Imperfect Produce
Jennifer Brue
Josey Baker
K & J Orchards
Lazy Bear
Magruder Ranch
Metal & Match
Nana Joes Granola
Rainbow Grocery
Rhinefarm Winery
Smart & Final
Smash Mellow
Spice Hound
State Bird Provisions
Straus Family Creamery
Swan Oyster Depot
The Good Life Grocery
The Morris
The Public Bench Project
Three Babes Bakeshop
Tory Farm
Treehouse Yoga
Village Harvest
Whole Foods
Yerena Farm



Vision For 2018

In 2018 our focus will be on building and sustaining our cooking community. 
We will provide more opportunities for Bay Area youth to connect to their food systems, create recipes and develop friendships through eating around the table together. We are most excited to announce that it is our goal to launch a FREE summer camp program in 2018.

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