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Starting Small to Create Something Big

We believe cooking should start as soon as you start eating! Our Bay Leaf Roots classes offers cooking classes for kids ages 3-7. Taught in part by our Jr. Chef Helpers, each class will highlight a seasonal produce and focus on learning the basics of food preparation, kitchen safety and most importantly, how to have fun in the kitchen. Register today! 

Learning how to cook for yourself is an important life skill and we make it fun! Jr. Chef Helpers is an innovative, year-round program for ages 10 - 16, that combines peer mentorship and community involvement with advanced kitchen techniques, cooking classes and opportunities to work with guest chefs. Kids have a tremendous amount to offer; we want to excite our students to feel confident cooking healthy, seasonal food for their friends and family and for themselves. 

Throughout the semester, Jr. Chef Helpers will participate in a combination of food-related community events, cooking classes, urban gardening and peer mentorship opportunities. Activities will span co-teaching our Bay Leaf Roots classes, pitching in at garden/farm events and working, in small groups, to expand their cooking horizons with Guest Chefs and in San Francisco Restaurants.

Our daughter just participated in her first class and LOVED it! I was a little nervous and the theme was squash and she’s not a huge lover of squash, but she seems to be after the class. She was really excited to cook and learn some kitchen skills. She was thrilled to be eating the food that she made with her classmates and was pumped to share the food she made with me after her class.

Bay Leaf Roots Classes Schedule: