Day Two of Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp: Farmers Market Adventures

It's only day 2 of summer camp but it already feels like it's going by so fast! This morning, we learned all about heirloom dried beans and brown rice. We counted out at least 20 different heirloom bean varieties in the mix! Next we went shopping at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for our lunch ingredients which was so cool because we got to talk to the farmers, like Charlie from Rolling Oaks Ranch, David from Happy Quail Farms, and Paul from McGinnis Ranch.

Campers in the farmers market!ย 

Campers in the farmers market! 

After shopping in the farmers market we headed back to the kitchen to make fajitas for lunch. It was so yummy. We made our own seasoning blends for the chicken, guacamole, salsa, granita and homemade fresh tortillas! 

"I-ran-out-of-names-guacamole!" Hee.

"I-ran-out-of-names-guacamole!" Hee.

After lunch we enjoyed learning about food writing from experts Zebot and Laura Martin Bacon from Zebot's Kitchen. In the afternoon, we made sugar cookies and a fruit compote for dessert! We also got to enjoy the granita that we made earlier in the day. We ended the day with a foodie Boulder Dash game lead by Chef Maggie. It was a lot of laughs and all in all, a great second day. Can't wait for what tomorrow brings!