Day Three at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Two


I really do enjoy every day at Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp but there was just something special about today!  All the kids arrived in high spirits and we wasted no time in getting cooking since we had a LOT to do. Today we learned about ratios and baking with Chef Amy who taught us how to make our own hamburger buns!  We learned how to wake up the yeast the same way we like to be awakened in the morning; a warm shower and something to eat :) While the dough for the buns was rising the campers picked which station they wanted to work at. There was a ketchup station, a sweet and sour pickle station, a zucchini, squash and turkey burger station, a salad station and a group that tackled making aoli from scratch!


After lunch, it was off to the park.  I have to say, I don't normally talk much about the play time portions of Bay Leaf Kitchen but the counselors look forward to their time in the park as much as the kids do. Today we were really 'monkeying around' as Jacob and Serina braved the monkey bars with the kids! Every day our counselors also come up with new, fun, food-related games. Jacob taught us Food Balderdash the other day and the kids are so creative with their definitions! Today, Emily surprised us with a "Veggie-Off" where representatives from each group were sent to the front of the room to do their best imitation of the veggie Emily called out and we all voted on our favorite. Of course, they were all so good that everyone was always tied!


In the afternoon we had another amazing guest and boy did he have a treat for us. Chef Ben came and taught us all how to make homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream and peach crostata!


Tomorrow its off to Eatwell Farm to play in the dirt! It is a whole new world for Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp and its hard to imagine it could get better than this but I know that it will!

- Rachel