Follow us in Novato as we team up with JoyFoodly

We feel so lucky working in food education among our friends and teachers. Chef Hollie Greene is not only a great friend of ours but her positive energy and engaging teaching style is also an inspiration to us at Bay Leaf Kitchen.  Hollie is the founder of Joyfoodly an amazing website and teaching aid to help families eat more fruits and vegetables. One of the best parts of her website is her Technique Time Out videos like this one How to Prep Cauliflower.

She has taught thousands of kids the joys of building their plates around vegetables and fruits through her website and in person at schools and even Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp 2014.  We had so much fun making Summer Curry and Naan with Hollie at our July camp! 

We are very honored to be working alongside her to as she helps improve the health of community in Novato, CA by bringing the joy of cooking at home through her program, the Joyful12.  Together we are raising money to provide a full circle program in Novato, giving all the families at Lu Sutton Elementary access to the Joyful12, teaching adults and kids how to use the Joyful12 in their homes and launching Jr. Chef Helpers in Novato.

You can learn more about the campaign here. Please join the Joyfoodly and Bay Leaf Kitchen team and help more families eat more and more fruits and vegetables everyday!