Bay Leaf Kitchen at the Bayview Abundance Community Garden

Last Friday we spent the day at the Abundance Community Garden in the Bayview. Abundance Community harvests produce from 13 raised beds and hands out the fruits of their labor to anyone in the community who wishes to partake.  Along with their beautiful garden, the Abundance Community runs programs that offer parents in the neighborhood everything from reading time with their little ones and books to take home to weekly diaper, formula and baby food donations. Their standing in the community as a safe haven and a resource is truly inspiring and we feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with them.

Amy and I headed down to their garden to participate in one of their bi-monthly activities. Every other Friday, parents gather to connect with each other and receive a "care package" full of household necessities.  No one is turned away and the packages are, lovingly, assembled with the specific needs of each family in mind.  Mothers and toddlers are encouraged to enjoy the garden, to sort though book and clothing donations and to have communal play time in their beautiful surroundings.

We provided some fun new ideas for Abundance Moms to utilize some of the bounty of the garden in a delicious, healthy and easy recipe. Amy and I taught everyone how to make delcious smoothies. Using unsweetened organic yogurt, apples, honey and kale (harvested by some of the kids right from the beds at the garden) we blended together a tasty drink that had all the moms and tots coming back for more! One mom even had some great ideas about how to introduce some other fun ingredients like cilantro and citrus.

We look forward to working with the Abundance Community and its incredible participants, staff and volunteers again soon.  For more information on the Abundance Community Garden, check out their Facebook page.  To learn more about our partnership with Abundance Community, take a peek at our Summer Camp Schedule!

Luna and Christopher were with us, helping, every step of the way. 

Luna and Christopher were with us, helping, every step of the way.