Day Three at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session 1, 2015

Day Three at Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp is always one of my favorites. Not only have we all gotten a chance to really get to know each other, but everything is tinged with the excitement of knowing that the next day is FARM DAY!

It was amazing that anyone could concentrate but, as per usual, everyone surpassed my expectations in the kitchen and also in their groups and with our chefs.

We started the day with making our dough for Naan from scratch. We all got a chance to smell what yeast smells like when it becomes alive after eating some sugar.

After, we played a game where the campers got to flex their creative muscles by making up recipes that included a particular spice that they were assigned (Garam Masala, Cardamum, Cumin and Tumeric). Then, they read out the description of the real recipe and the fake one and the rest of us had to guess which one was real! Most of the made up definitions got as many votes as, if not more than, the real ones. I was really impressed.

In our groups, we each were responsible for a portion of the meal. Cooking mindfully and for each other we created Dahl, Vegetable and Chicken Curries, Raita, Chutney and then seasoned and fried our Naan. The meal was a real feast and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY that almost every single camper not only cleaned their plate but wanted seconds, thirds and as much more as they could get. What a pack of adventurous eaters!

After some, slightly damp, outdoor activities, we headed back to the kitchen to greet our guest chefs, Anna and Lenore from Three Babes Bakeshop.

Anna and Lenore talked to us about the importance of understanding our ingredients, measuring, working with the most basic tools around us (sometimes its nice to forgo the fancy stuff) and using the best fruits for our fillings! The Babes believe in supporting a system of encouragement for farmers and organic growers by buying organic and local produce and creating a demand for those products.

They taught us how to make a cardamom peach crumble. We chopped peaches and mixed them with cardamom and sugar and hand mixed a topping out of brown sugar, organic butter, flour, oats and spices. After baking the crumble topping on a baking sheet we "crumbled" it over the fruit and topped with our hand-shaken whipped cream. 

I am so excited for our big day tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and show all of these campers what is so special about cooking in the outdoors with field-fresh ingredients. 

Stay tuned for all the details!