Day Two at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Two, 2015

Day Two at Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp came with more smiles, new guests and campers excited to go out into the farmers market. 

Our first guest was Julie Cummins, the Director of Education at CUESA. She taught us why its super special and important to shop locally and get to know your farmer. We also learned about the value of farmers markets and how they connect us to delicious sustainable food.

Next, we got to go out into the farmers market and do our own shopping for the morning cooking project. We explored and shopped in the farmers market and sampled a ton of tasty treats. We also learned a fun fact from the folks over at Star Route Farms: Apples are the only fruit that hold their nutritional value for up to 8 months! Yummy and extra healthy, who knew?

Our morning menu consisted of make your own Farmers Market Pizza. We used a ton of creative and delicious toppings like sliced, roasted potatoes, purple and orange bell peppers, rosemary, olive oil and much, much more. We also sautéed summer squash with thyme (from Abundance Community Garden) and basil. Chef Amy also taught us how to make sweet Zeppolli, a deep fried Italian pastry.... which everyone, obviously, loved.

After a yoga break in the park with Theresa from Tree House Yoga, we were right back in the kitchen with our guest for the afternoon, Shakirah Smiley from Bi-Rite Market. Shakirah taught us how to preserve produce in the height of its season. We pickled rainbow carrots from Capay Farms and sugar snap peas from Swanton Farms. Shak’s Recipe Tip: "These pickles are perfect for taco night! Have leftover brine? Feel free to pop leftover veggies in your jar or use as a brine for pork and chicken." We each got to take a jar home and canned a bunch to take up to Eatwell with us! I can't wait to use them in whichever amazing recipes we have in store for us up at the farm. 

That's all for now!