Day Three at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Two, 2015

On our third day of camp we learned about different spices such as turmeric, garam masala, coriander and cumin, and got to use them all in our morning cooking activity. We made chicken and vegetable curry, daal, raita and apricot chutney along with delicious, freshly baked naan bread to soak up all the wonderful flavors. The kitchen smelled heavenly! 

In the afternoon, Chef Michael Mauschbaugh from Sous Beurre Kitchen visited us. He showed us how to make savory crepes using wild rice instead of flour. The wild rice was pulsed in a food processor until it became fine enough for our crepe batter. Our homemade wild rice flour gave our crepes an unusual color and also gave them a heartier taste. 

For our crepe fillings, we chopped up garlic, walla walla onions, pancetta, and shelled English peas. Chef Michael also brought along Mousseron mushrooms which were the tiniest mushrooms we've ever seen! We also made a simple side salad of spinach and red cabbage. The crepes were delicious!

It was so cool to learn that Chef Michael started working in restaurants when he was 14 years old and started as a dishwasher and worked his way up. We had a lot of fun that day and many of us are excited to visit Chef Michael at Sous Beurre Kitchen soon!

- Amy