Days Four & Five at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Two, 2015

The last two days of camp are always a bit magical - the group of campers and counselors that have connected over the week and grown as one team, travel together to Eatwell Farm in Dixon CA.  There, we visit the source from which the food we have been cooking with all week arrives.  After getting to the farm, we explore the grounds with Lorraine. It amazes me that every time I am with a new group we see something different and exciting. This time of year (end of June) we explored not only the strawberry and mulberry fields but CORN fields. The corn was almost ready to be sent out in Eatwell Members 4th of July week CSA

After a day of exploring, enjoying and learning on the farm, Chef Eric Nyeste from Foghorn visited to lead us in a delcious dinner production. We made peach cobbler, fire roasted summer squash, sautéed onions, green beans and whole grilled trout. I think the trout was the group's favorite and all the kids wanted to try the fish cheeks and eyeballs. It was delicious! 

Friday morning started at sunrise with many campers eager to continue exploring the farm and meet the farm animals, chase some chickens, and cuddle with baby chicks.  We had a hearty breakfast of eggs, potatoes, french toast with strawberry jam (made by campers with strawberries harvested the previous day) which gave us the strength for our final meal, harvesting, prepping, and packing up.

On the bus ride home the campers and I reflected on what a informational, fun, and yummy week it had been.  Milo said, "My favorite was eating a whole fish, oh and cooking it. I had never done that before." We were also excited to read the great article "CUESA’s Foodwise Kids Go to Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp" by Julia Irwin and Ana Valdes (CUESA Interns) and see photos from the past two weeks in CUESA's weekly newsletter - we felt like celebrity chefs :)