Day Two at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Three, 2015

Today was a first in Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp history - we had four back-to-back guests come visit us! In the morning we learned all about honeybees from Cheryl and got to take a peek at some of the hives inside the garden. Do you know how you can tell which bee is the Queen Bee in a hive? The Queen Bee is the one that all the other bees are looking at and when she moves, they all move. (We named Rachel the Queen Bee of our camp.) 

Cheryl gave us a taste of the fresh honey from the hives! It was so delicious.

Our second visitor was Chef Kristen Houk from All Good Pizza right down the block. She and her husband Matt have been making pretty awesome pizzas there for the past three years. We were so lucky to have her come teach us some pizza-making skills - like why it's important to check if your yeast is still fresh or the benefits of weighing your ingredients. For our toppings we used tomatoes and basil from the garden and also some summer squash and mushrooms. It was absolutely divine! 

After lunch, the campers met Theresa from Treehouse Yoga. This is Theresa's third time joining Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp and we love having her back. She taught us how to focus on our breath and the importance of noticing how your mind and body feels by leading us through some fun poses. Check them out! 

Our last guest of the day was Chef Shakirah Smiley of Bi-Rite Market. Chef Shak had so much fun with us in Session Two that she came back for this session to teach pickling and preservation. We picked purple carrots from the garden along with snap peas from Swanton Farms to pickle. Pickling is a great way to preserve food at its freshest point to enjoy at a later time. 

It was a fun-filled day packed with yummy food, full bellies and laughter. Can't wait for tomorrow!