Day Three at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Three, 2015

We really got to show our "chops" (teehee) on day three. Camp today was all about working together to create a super yummy meal that required our imaginations, utilizing all the skills we've learned throughout the week, thus far, and more than a few trips to the garden: TACOS! We started our day by learning, from our Jr Chef Helper Roberto, how to make the Masa for our tortillas. The Masa had to rest for 30 minutes so we all headed over to the garden to tend to the cilantro bush.

Now, you may not know this but any Bay Leaf Kitchen Camper can tell you that cilantro is just the leaves of the bush! Once its bolted it becomes something else entirely... coriander! We broke into our teams with one group in charge of picking green coriander branches for drying, one group de-seeding dry branches for toasting and one group pulling leaves for our Mexican Feast. The kids worked so hard and we had a ton of fun doing it!

After the masa had rested, we got back into our groups to make our tortillas which all had to be hand rolled and pressed with a traditional tortilla press. Each group also had the responsibility to make all the other dishes we would be sharing: roasted bean and corn salad, guacamole, salsa, rice, chicken and grilled peppers and onions. No recipes were used and the kids did an amazing job creating a feast using only their tastebuds and their imaginations!

After lunch, and some free play, we got to go down to visit Chef Kristin at All Good Pizza for a tour and informational session about the Bayview and how food comes and goes from this part of the city. We learned that it is thanks to people like Kristin and her family, that the Bayview is finally starting to see some healthy food kept within its community and they are just the beginning of the Bayview Food Revolution.

After some Q&A with Kristen and an informational session about our FARM TRIP tomorrow, we all pitched in to get camp ready for our last day and our departure to Lone Willow Ranch!

The farm is really a special time at Bay Leaf Kitchen Camp. I can't wait to see what it has in store for us!

- Rachel