Day One at Bay Leaf Kitchen Summer Camp - Session Four, 2015

Its a bittersweet week when its your last week in camp. We are, of course, excited to be back in Summer Camp with a whole new group of kids but we are so sad that its our last week in the garden! 

Our first day started with a lot of SUNSHINE! We had to make sure to stay cool in this unusual San Francisco heat. We have all been being mindful of drinking water and staying in the shade as much as possible.

Monday started with a quick game to get to know each other and a tour of the garden with Cheryl. We learned where all the different vegetables and herbs we'd be using over the next few days could be found. 

We were broken into groups and then worked together to create our lunch of fresh spring rolls and wontons. It was really fun to see all the campers' different ways of folding their wontons and I was really impressed by how many each of them wanted to eat. Some of the campers told me that it was their first time eating both spring rolls AND wontons and that they loved them! Obviously, I was overjoyed.

As we were working on our lunch, groups of us were being pulled out to do something really special. Every Monday, Abundance Community Garden runs a Food Pantry where anyone who lives in the Bayview can come and pick up free food to take home with them. Today, our campers got the opportunity to help to hand out the food! It was an amazing chance for them to get to know some community members and some of the people who have been volunteering with the Food Pantry in Bayview for a long, long time. We felt really lucky to have been invited to participate.

In the afternoon, we were joined by Guest Chef Cat from Sour Flour Bakery. Cat was really interesting and dynamic and we learned about the making of sourdough bread from local yeasts and fermentation processes, all the way to the folding, resting and baking! We even got to take home our very own sourdough starter so that we could make dough at home.

Here are some photos from Day One. Also, don't forget to check out our Facebook page for more photos and tidbits from previous sessions of camp!


More tomorrow!

- Rachel