A Celebration of Community at Eatwell Farm!

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We had a great time on the farm this weekend. It was a bittersweet final event of the semester for the Junior Chef Helpers, as we said goodbye to 2 of our much-loved young chefs. One is heading off to college in southern California and one is moving to Sonoma with her family. They say the families who cook together, stay together, and in our Bay Leaf Kitchen Family, this holds so true. Over the years, we’ve formed some serious bonds with these kids, and they, with one another. Be it sweeping the strawberry field for succulent sweets, or slowly stirring risotto, we are constantly building community. We celebrate tasty triumphs and learn from our mistakes together in the kitchen and on the farm. It's awe-inspiring to watch kids from so many different backgrounds come together to share a meal that they have so lovingly created with their own hands.   

While thousands were traversing the city by foot in banana costumes, we hopped in the car and headed east in search of our own kind of fruit. The beloved Eatwell Farm so graciously hosted our end of semester event. So much gratitude to Nigel and Lorraine for not only having us on the farm but allowing us to take over their home kitchen for the day! The Junior chef helpers turned Eatwell Farm’s gorgeous organic produce into a 5-star meal to feed a couple dozen hard working volunteers from The Hill School. These good samaritans came out to spend the day constructing, cleaning, and revamping an outdoor kitchen space and water teepee for Bay leaf Kitchen’s rapidly approaching Summer Camp. After a long morning in the sun, the volunteers were presented with a delightful spread by the effulgent Junior Chef Helpers. Lovingly shucked favas, farm fresh quiche, crisp greens with farm vinaigrette, freshly dug radishes topped with made-from-scratch herb butter and a sublime strawberry, spinach and farro salad. To finish the meal, they made further use of those scrumptious strawberries in a divine shortcake and homemade pie to celebrate Laila’s birthday!

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It was a gratifying celebration of all our best-loved things. A diverse community coming together to connect and share stories over local, seasonal produce at one of our favorite places on earth. The cuisine was nourishing and exceptional, and the company reigned supreme.

After concluding such a special meal, we shared big hugs and said bon voyage (which, for most, won’t be long, because thankfully summer camp is just around the corner)! The elusive purple carrot must have been out there watching out there with ample anticipation.