This Spring semester we had the honor to work with two young women in the office and kitchen.  They worked on recipes development, teaching at Community Dinner Classes, outreach, office organization, and more!  As the semester comes to a close we want appreciate ALL of their hard work and dedication!

Reflection words from the interns themselves: 

THANK YOU! (1).jpg

"Coming to Bay Leaf Kitchen was the best decision I could’ve ever made in life. During the time I have been working at Bay Leaf Kitchen, I have had a wonderful time with the team and cooking. From the singing while working, to the dancing in the kitchen, working with all these wonderful women helped me become even more of an independent woman.

My favorite moments working here have been all the laughs we have because they always come out of nowhere. Another one of my favorite things about this program is that it made me push myself to try new foods. I also loved it when we would have friendly challenges with the other kids.

Working with the little kids was fun as well. It is always a good feeling to see the smile on their faces, when they tell their parents what they made.

Things that I have learned while working here at Bay Leaf Kitchen are teamwork, communication, patience and to always keep your cooking area clean. These lessons were really important in the kitchen because without these skills everything would just fall apart. We had little kids in the kitchen with us, so we had to keep eyes on them at all times. Communication is majorly important because you have to understand what you are making, what you need, etc.

Overall, working here was very fun and if I have another chance, I will do it again. The people are kind and cool. The food is good and fun to make."