Perfect Weekend to Plant in the Sun

I've always dreamed of growing my own food, so when Cheryl from Abundance Community Garden asked, “What recipes are you teaching this summer?  We can plant and grow the veggies you will need,” I jumped at the chance.  

Turns out, a lot can grow in Bayview. As we listed off our favorites: culinary herbs, heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, parsnips, purple carrots, kohlrabi, broccoli, kale and more the answer was yes, yes, yes, and more yes. Cheryl and her team were also very knowledgeable about what the students would be interested in learning and what urban farming techniques the campers would be able to do themselves – for example Alen’s potato tower.

This past weekend we gathered a group of volunteers and planted the garden that will grow produce we will cook and eat this July at camp. Thank you so much to the great group of volunteers that gave their time to plant with us last Saturday! Also a huge thank you to the Planting Justice crew for helping o turn the soil and prep the garden for planting and Abundance Community family for being warm and welcoming!


We can't wait to taste these delcious super local vegetables this summerFor more photos check out Abundance Community's Facebook Page. 

- Elianna