Community dinner

a parent-child cooking class - cooking together as a family 

 Children, starting at age three, will attend class with a parent, guardian, family friend, older sibling, etc. and will learn how to cook a meal cooperatively with the rest of the class. This is an amazing opportunity to bring your children, your friends and your family members together to learn something new and to appreciate the fruits (literally) of your labor at class's end as all participants share a meal together.

Each class and dinner event will consist of children and parents who come together to cook, using seasonal ingredients, and with recipes developed by the Jr. Chef Helpers. Classes will begin with a taste of a seasonal produce item and Jr. Chef Helpers will guide families through their five senses to promote a deeper understanding of taste and encourage little chefs to experience new flavors.

Cooking will be a community building activity as families come together from all over San Francisco to share in the joy of creating a meal together to be shared around one table.

Community Dinner Classes are offered, à la carte, to families in San Francisco who would like to cook together. Classes will be available for purchase for families of two or more with children starting at age three.

Community Dinner Class is $60 for one adult and one child.

Bay Leaf Kitchen Financial Aid is always available to those in need. 
Click HERE to apply for Financial Aid for Community Dinner Classes this Semester.

Community Dinner Registration - spring, 2017

All Community Dinners will be located at a kitchen space in San Francisco. You will received date and time as well as location confirmation, via email, after registering and closer to the class date.

Community Dinner Classes are sold out for Spring, 2017.

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See you in the kitchen soon!