Our hearts are with Eatwell Farm this month as we mourn the loss of its founder Nigel Walker. Nigel was a true caretaker of the land and pulse of the community, and over the years he has been an inspiration to many young farmers, chefs, inventors and nonprofit leaders.  It was during a visit to Eatwell Farm five years ago that Bay Leaf Kitchen was born.

During camp visits to Eatwell Farm, Nigel would often join us for dinner and tell us about the practicalities of running a farm. There was always a lesson in his stories about farm life, as he taught us about water usage, soil health, crop diversity and of course mulberries! He treated all the campers as the unique individuals they are and loved that they were enjoying and cooking with the organic produce he grew.

We are honored to have known and worked with Nigel and to share his unique vision for the world with all of you.  On Friday, June 30 we said our final goodbyes to this amazing man and shared some pictures campers drew of what we had been cooking all week with him. In the upcoming months, we plan to honor Nigel's legacy by continuing to cook with and enjoy his life’s work and bounty at Eatwell Farm.  

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made online to Eatwell Farm’s Care Share program, a program Eatwell Farm established after Nigel's first bout with cancer. In it, the farm donates CSA boxes, full of its produce, to those battling serious health issues, such as cancer.

Eatwell CSA 

Connect our community to more fresh, local fruits and vegetables!

What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing, 20-year-old movement in which organic farmers sell directly to consumers, forming a unique community or partnership with them. In a CSA, subscribers help support small, regional farms by paying in advance for fresh, organic produce, delivered weekly, throughout the year. CSA is good for consumers. With a CSA, the variety of fresh, delicious food delivered to you is regionally-grown using a minimum amount of fuel and packaging. Most importantly, CSAs provide the consumer with a direct connection to the place where their food is grown and the people that grow it.

Eatwell Farm’s CSA members will have opportunities to visit the farm, get to know the farmers and other members of the CSA community, and learn more about sustainable agriculture.


Where do I pick up my box? 
Bay Leaf Kitchen Offices (Bayview South Site)
American Industrial Building
2325 3rd Street
Suite 326, San Francisco, CA 94107


When do I pick up my box?
Pick up anytime on Thursdays from 10am – 6:30pm. Subscriptions can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly and you can always put your box on hold if you're headed out of town or think you can't use all your veggies that week!

How do I apply for financial assistance with my box?
If you are a low-income family and would like to apply for a discounted rate for your CSA box, email us at info@bayleafkitchen.org

Enter the code 'bayleaf' into the yellow box that says "got coupon code or gift certificate?" while registering to receive a discount on your CSA membership!

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