Any child who fills the following criteria can be a Jr. Chef Helper:

Aged 10-16, has an interest in cooking, baking (or eating!) and would want to share their enthusiasm and teach younger kids. A Jr. Chef Helper must commit to 8-10 Cooking Classes, Roots Classes or Community Events over the course of the Semester (September 1st - December 20th). Jr. Chef Helpers Summer program rate is $350. (Bay Leaf Kitchen Financial Aid is always available to those in need.)

All you have to do is complete our simple application!

Learning how to cook for yourself is an important life skill and we make it fun! Jr. Chef Helpers is an innovative, year-round program for ages 10 - 16, that combines peer mentorship and community involvement with advanced kitchen techniques, cooking classes and opportunities to work with guest chefs. Kids have a tremendous amount to offer; we want to excite our students to feel confident cooking healthy, seasonal food for their friends and family and for themselves. 

 Throughout the semester, Jr. Chef Helpers will participate in a combination of food-related community events, cooking classes, urban gardening and peer mentorship opportunities. Activities will span co-teaching our Bay Leaf Roots classes, pitching in at garden/farm events and working, in small groups, to expand their cooking horizons with Guest Chefs and in San Francisco Restaurants.

My son had such an amazing experience last night. He met Jacques Pepin and had grilled baby squid for the first time. He came home aglow. Thank you so much for offering him this opportunity. I think this is such a great experience for him.

Spting/Summer 2015 Schedule: