Program CHEFS

Alicia Faris, State Bird Provisions
Kira Åkerström, MasterChef Finland

Guest ChEFS

Jennifer McMahon and Darren Lacy, Da'Flora
Kristin Houk, All Good Pizza
Maia Hirschbein, California Olive Ranch
Michelle Minori, Barzotto
Robin Knight, Laughing Monk
Sara Spearin, Dynamo Donuts
Shannon Waters, Aaxte
Susanna Ok, The Battery SF
Tu David Phu, An

Cassidy Bennett, Three Babes Bakeshop
Cat Shimizu, Sour Flour
Chris Davis, The Thirsty Fork
Dario Barbone, Baia Pasta
Emily Dellas, First Class Cooking
Eric Ehler, Black Sands
Ezra Malmouth, Bay Laurel Group
Gina Conedera, Chunky Pig
Jen Musty, Batter Bakery

Program Partners

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