Preserved Lemons

What Do We Need? 

organic lemons
black peppercorns
bay leaves
additional spices of your choosing

How Do We Make It? 

  1. Thoroughly wash organic lemons, enough to fit snugly into your jar. Cut into quarters and rub all cut sides with salt. Cover the bottom of your jar with salt and squish the first layer of lemons in. Cover with salt and repeat until you jar is full.  

  2. Press the lemons down to release more of their juices, add peppercorns, a bay leaf or 2 and any other desired spices.

  3. Squeeze juice from additional lemons to cover the contents of the jar.

  4. Cover jar and keep it in a cool, dark place (like a cabinet) for 3-4 weeks to allow fermentation to occur. Pull the jar out and shake it daily. You’ll know they’re ready when the rinds are tender to bite!

  5. When they’re ready, store in the refrigerator.  

  6. To use remove the lemon and give it a little rinse, you can use the pulp and the rinds in all sorts of recipes.